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Real Write Publishing LLC, author Garland Tyree

About the Author

Garland "S.I." Tyree

Real Write Publishing was conceived in 2006,when the owner and founder,Garland "S.I." Tyree engaged in a conversation with his friend and mentor, Dupree "Turf" Harris, about the silliness contained in a lot of popular Urban Fiction and the vacuum that it left for more gritty and talented writers to step in. The seed that Turf planted came to fruit when Garland "S.I" Tyree wrote the first words to his first novel, "The Trey Way" in 2009.

In 2012, after spending a combined eighteen and a half years away from his hometown, Staten Island, NY, he returned and immediately formed Real Write Publishing, LLC

During his travels throughout the country he had the opportunity to meet and get to know many raw and gritty, talented authors, who he promised to help get their stories out to the masses.